Skoda Octavia 2024 Price in Pakistan, Specifications & Colors

Here is the review of the Skoda Octavia 2024 Price in Pakistan. Are you searching for the Skoda Octavia’s features, prices, and specifications? Then you are at the right place. In this post, you can read about the features, specifications, design, color options, competitors, etc. So must read this post thoroughly and get the latest information about Skoda Octavia.

Since 1996, the Skoda Octavia tiny automobile has been manufactured. It was initially released in 2019 and is now in its fourth generation. The Octavia is offered as a sedan or a wagon and is renowned for its roomy cabin, usefulness, and affordability. Several different engines are available for the Octavia, including gasoline and diesel models.

The most recent model also has a hybrid powertrain choice. There are many advanced safety features introduced in the latest model. Such as advanced technology, driving assistant, back camera, automatic emergency braking, and lane-keeping assistance. In terms of design, the car has a sleek and modern look.

Its unique and attractive design makes it more widespread. It comes with a sporty front grille and sharp lines. The interior is so simple and well-crafted, which grabs the passengers attraction. The dashboard design is sleek and easily understood. The alloy steering wheel is leather which makes it balance in handling.

The Skoda Octavia is an excellent option for people seeking a practical and dependable compact car. It provides a nice blend of performance, comfort, and technology. To get more information about Skoda, Octavia reads the post entirely.

skoda octavia price

Skoda Octavia 2024 price in Pakistan

The Skoda Octavia has many advanced features which make it more popular. It is more expensive as compared to other competitors. The price of the Skoda Octavia in Pakistan ranges between 69,17,700 to 1,14,24,600 PKR.

Variant Price
Skoda Octavia 69,17,700 to 1,14,24,600 PKR

Interior of the Skoda Octavia 2024

The Skoda Octavia 2024 interior was created with convenience and comfort in mind. There is roomy seating for up to five passengers, and the front and back passengers have plenty of head and legroom. The seats include luxurious upholstery and adjustable lumbar support for additional comfort.

Additionally, there is a lot of storage space in the interior, including a big glove box, door pockets, and a center console with several compartments and cupholders. The infotainment system is displayed on a central touchscreen in the dashboard’s sleek, contemporary appearance. This system has functions including Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and a range of music choices.

The music system and cruise control controls are located on the steering wheel, which is also raking and reach adjustable. The Skoda Octavia’s interior is luxurious and functional while also being well-built and made of high-quality materials from an aesthetic point of view. The overall design is plain and uncomplicated, emphasizing use and simplicity.

The particular features and materials may vary based on the model and configuration. It is because the Octavia is available in several various trim levels and option packages. The seats are very comfortable and luxurious. The passengers also enjoy the feature of headroom for relaxation on long journeys. There is also legroom for passengers.

Skoda Octavia Interior

Exterior of the Skoda Octavia 2024

The Skoda Octavia 2024 is a small family vehicle renowned for its svelte and contemporary styling. The car’s bodywork has a fast, aerodynamic appearance with angular lines and a large front grille. The vehicle has 17-inch alloy wheels and comes in various hues, including white, silver, and black. The car’s front has an aggressive, angular appearance with a large grille and svelte LED headlamps.

The automobile has a stylish front bumper with air intake, and chrome elements enclose the grille. The vehicle also includes a panoramic sunroof, which enhances its opulent appearance. The automobile has a tall bonnet, a sloping roofline, and a clean, aerodynamic side profile. The automobile has mirrors that match the body color and door handles that match the body color.

The automobile has aggressive rear bumpers, LED taillights, and a trunk lid with a spoiler at the back. A rear diffuser on the vehicle furthers its athletic appearance. The Skoda Octavia’s appearance is primarily contemporary, sleek, and firm, designed to draw attention when driving.

Skoda Octavia Price Skoda Octavia Price

Skoda Octavia 2024 Specification

The specification of the Skoda Octavia is given below;

a)      Body type Sedan
b)      No of seats 5
c)       Sunroof Yes
d)      No of doors 5
e)      Turning Radius 10.4 m

Engine and transmission

1.       Engine capacity 1948 cc
2.       No of cylinders 4
3.       No of valves 4
4.       Torque 320 Nm
5.       Power 190 Ps
6.       Fuel type Petrol
7.       Type Automatic
8.       Gears 7 speed


        i.            Length 4689 mm
      ii.            Width 1829 mm
    iii.            Height 1469 mm
     iv.            Kerb weight 1430 kg
       v.            Wheelbase 2680 mm
     vi.            Ground clearance 106 mm
   vii.            Fuel capacity 50 liters
 viii.            Boot space 600 liters

Skoda Octavia Specification

Features of the Skoda Octavia

There are many features of the Skoda Octavia, which are given below;

  1. Interior space: The Octavia provides passengers with plenty of headroom, legroom, and storage space in the form of a sizable trunk.
  2. Engine option: The Octavia offers several different engine options, including gasoline and diesel engines.
  3. Safety features: Advanced safety features, including lane departure warning, automated emergency braking, and a back camera, are all standard on the Octavia.
  4. Infotainment system: A infotainment system with a large touchscreen display, satellite navigation, and smartphone hookup options.
  5. Comfort features: The Octavia has various comfort options, including heated seats, air conditioning, and a sunroof.
  6. Driving assistance system: The Octavia also comes with parking assistance systems, adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, and traffic alert.

Pros and cons

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Interior with lots of space and comfort
high fuel efficiency
Value for the money
Good handling and comfortable riding
a variety of engines are available.
high scores for safety
excellent construction
large trunk capacity[/i2pros][i2cons]Some models could have weak engines.
Some models could have a less appealing appearance.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

koda Octavia Features

Skoda Octavia 2024  Colors option

The Skoda Octavia 2024 is available in different colors, which are given below;

  1. Lava Blue
  2. Magic Black
  3. Candy White
  4. Brilliant Silver
  5. Maple Brown

Skoda Octavia 2024  Competitors

There are many competitors of the Skoda Octavia 2024, which are given below;


We explain all features and specifications of the Skoda Octavia. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment section and share your reviews.

skoda Octavia Features


What is the cost of the Skoda Octavia 2024?

The cost of the Skoda Octavia 2024 is between 69,17,700 to 1,14,24,600 PKR.

How many airbags are available in Skoda Octavia 2024?

There are 6 airbags available in Skoda Octavia 2024.

How much boot space and ground clearance of the Skoda Octavia 2024?

Skoda Octavia boot space is 600 liters, and ground clearance is 106 mm.

Is the start-stop button available in Skoda Octavia?

Yes, the start-stop push button is available in Skoda Octavia.

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