Audi Q8 2024 Price in Pakistan, Reviews, Images & Specs

Audi Q8 2024 Price in Pakistan, Reviews, Images & Specs. The Audi Q8 is a mid-size premium crossover SUV coupe that was initially introduced in 2018. It has five doors, and a front engine, and is built on the Volkswagen Group MLB Evo platform. With its blend of luxurious and technical elements, the athletic Q8 of 2021 impresses aficionados. The 2021 Audi Q8 now comes with two rows of seats instead of three, and the exterior is more aggressive. Due to its intelligent technology (for ease) and improved off-road driving quality, the most recent Audi Q8 model made available in Pakistan blends the elegance of a 4-door coupe with the versatility of an SUV. From a business standpoint and when it comes to leisure, the Audi A8 is regarded as the ideal option.

The Audi Q8 is a fuel-efficient vehicle thanks to new hybrid technology that has been added to it. When the lithium battery is fully charged, the 48-volt electrical motor is coupled with the engine to produce an additional 12 kW of power. You get 22 kilometers per liter more mileage as a result. One of the best cars in the Q series, the Audi Q8, also has a somewhat higher-than-average price.

Audi Q8 Price in Pakistan 2024

Q8 Price  42,500,000/- PKR

Audi Q8

Audi Q8 2024 Engine & Power

All Audi Q8 grades come with a single engine option: a 3.0 liter, six-cylinder, 2995 cc engine with a maximum output of 335 horsepower and a maximum torque of 369 pounds-feet. As was already noted, it is coupled with mild hybrid technology, which improves the vehicle’s power output and fuel efficiency. The 8-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission with all-wheel drive is available on all models.

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Performance & Drive

The top-tier SUV, the Audi Q8, has exceptional driving performance. It includes a damper control suspension system, which means that Audi Q8 comes standard with adaptive air suspension and offers controlled damping as an option. This ensures that you will have a comfortable ride. The height of the vehicle is changeable based on the driver’s preference and the conditions of the road, and you can raise or lower it by up to 90 millimeters. The Q8’s 10.1-inch ground clearance enables you to drive over small bumps and rugged terrain.

The mechanical center differential system distributes force to the front and rear axles at a ratio of 40:60, putting more weight on the axles that have more traction. Long coasting phases are made possible by mild hybrid technology, leading to more powerful and effective performance. The Audi Q8’s Tiptronic transmission offers great performance thanks to its accurate gear changes. The Audi Q8’s progressive steering, which is standard and has an increasingly directed steering ratio, results in exceptional handling.

You may also spin the rear wheels by 5 degrees with all-wheel steering, which improves the Q8’s agility and stability by allowing you to maneuver the car at low speeds. With a top speed of 130 miles per hour, the Audi Q8 SUV’s acceleration is impressive, taking just 5.6 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. When discussing the Audi Q8 SUV’s fuel efficiency, it is important to note that its 22.5-gallon fuel tank allows for 18 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway. Your mileage is increased by 22 kph thanks to MHEV technology.

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Exterior Design & Features

In addition to an impressive Single-frame octagonal grille at the front that is inscribed with the Audi insignia, the Audi Q8’s exterior design is sleek and appealing. The front-facing spoiler is placed, and the radiator grille is well-designed. The car’s air inlets are boldly designed and have a strongly curved shape. Wheels up to twenty inches in diameter can fit under the sloped roofing that ends in the D-pillars. The contrast-colored diffusers, door trim strips, and wheel arches with spoilers all add to the Audi Q8’s elegance.

Interior Design & Features

The function and architecture of the Audi Q8 are highly integrated from the moment you step inside. The Audi Q8 coupe is more complete with a large, 4.99-meter-long by 2-meter-wide cabin that can fit five persons and has three seating arrangements in the back. Stunning contrast stitching can be seen on the finest leather used to cover the seats. With the back seats folded down, you can expand the trunk’s capacity to 1755 liters, which is more than enough to accommodate a lot of luggage.10.1-inch center display with MMI touch functionality dissolves into a sizable 8.6-inch black display that is referred to as a single element along with the top collection.

Information and navigation are controlled by the upper display, while heating and other convenience features are managed by the lower display. A natural-voice interface system with an intelligent operational concept that guides operations in response to commands is also included. The 12.3-inch LCD that acts as the virtual cockpit for the Audi displays all of its features in stunning 3D clarity. A further outstanding feature of the Q8 is Audi’s phone box, which can immediately recognize your smartphone and control all functions through MMI. You may enjoy your music to the fullest extent with the help of the Bang and Olufsen sound system, which delivers 3D sound to all 5 seats.

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Audi Q8 2024 Features

  1. The NHTSA and IIHS have given the Audi Q8 a 5-star safety certification; among its high-end safety features are five radar sensors.
  2. 6-cameras
  3. 12 ultrasound probes
  4. An all-around camera and adaptive cruise control
  5. Crossing assistance and lane change alert.

Audi Q8 Features

Audi Q8 2024 Specification

A.     Fuel Type Hybrid
B.     Seating Capacity 5
C.     Transmission Type Automatic
D.     Boot Space / Trunk Capacity (Litres) 605
E.      Body Type Coupe
F.      Drive Train FWD

Audi Q8 Specification

Pros & Cons


  • Elegant Appearance – The Audi Q8’s interior and exterior design gives the impression of being both robust and refined. A gorgeous leather-wrapped dashboard with contrast stitching completes the interior trim details. The sporty yet opulent appearance of Audi is contrasted by the Singleframe grille.
  • Simple Access to Infotainment and Vehicle Settings – MMI Navigation and the Audi virtual cockpit provide easy access to infotainment and vehicle settings. This user-friendly technology is not only entertaining but also helps to increase safety.
  • Smooth Ride and Agile Handling – Considering the size of the Audi Q8, it is amazing how well-designed and perfectly balanced the responsiveness of the steering and the adaptive air suspension are. The Audi Q8 handles smoothly on the road with its 22-inch wheels in comparison to most of its competitors.


Small Boot Size – Compared to its rivals, the Audi Q8’s boot capacity may not give significantly more room, but it is still something to be aware of since folding the back seats provides the best storage space.

Poor Fuel Consumption – Many people would be shocked to learn that the Audi Q8 has a moderate hybrid system and would be thrilled about its fuel economy. The Audi Q8 does, unfortunately, fall short of its competitors.

Less Usable – The Audi Q8 only has two rows of seats and can accommodate up to five people. It might not be feasible for larger families.

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Audi Q8 2024 Colors

  1. Glistening White Metallic
  2. Metallic Red Gray
  3. Black Galaxy
  4. Blue Metallic Metallic
  5. Orange Shine Pearl Crystal

Major Competitors

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
  2. Range Rover Evoque
  3. Jaguar F-Pace

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FAQs about Audi Q8 2024

  1. The Q8 costs more than the Q7, why?

The biggest distinction between the two-row 2024 Audi Q8 and the three-row 2024 Audi Q7 is the amount of seating. While the Q8 can fit five passengers, the Q7 can accommodate up to seven.

  1. How fast can an Audi Q8 go?

150 mph peak speed and a 0-62 mph time of 6.1 seconds.

  1. How noise-free is the Audi Q8?

The 50 TDI is the noisiest engine when under load and occasionally causes vibrations to travel through the steering wheel, but once you’re moving at a reasonable pace, it becomes barely noticeable. When operating in electric mode, the 55 TFSI is smoother and the TFSIe plug-ins are eerily quiet. The Q8 is, in fact, generally very quiet.

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