Mercedes Benz S Price in Pakistan 2024, Features And Specs

Here we come with the overview of the Mercedes Benz S Price 2024. If you are searching for the price of the Mercedes Benz S 2024 in Pakistan, you read the post completely. Here all features, price, design, specifications, and all aspects of the Mercedes Benz S 2024 are explained. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class for 2024 is a luxurious vehicle with cutting-edge technology, safety features, and a clean style. The current price of the Mercedes Benz S ranges from PKR 80,000,000 in Pakistan.

It has a redesigned interior with configurable ambient lighting and a new MBUX infotainment system that includes sophisticated voice control and interactive 3D technologies. The S-Class comes with various engine options, including a powerful hybrid powertrain. Active braking aid, driver assistance, and lane departure warning are all standard safety features.

It has several optional driving aid features, including a 360-degree video system and night vision help. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2024 is a high-end car that provides a pleasant, cutting-edge driving experience.


Price of the Mercedes Benz S 2024 in Pakistan

The Mercedes Benz S 2024 is a luxury and popular car. In the car, you can enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride. The price of the Mercedes Benz S 2024 in Pakistan is PKR 80,000,000. The price is different with variants and trims.

Mercedes Benz S Price: PKR 80,000,000

Mercedes Benz S Price in Pakistan 2024, Features And Specs

Mercedes Benz S Price

Interior of the Mercedes Benz S 2024

The Mercedes Benz S Class 2024 inside is sleek and futuristic, focusing on luxury, comfort, and technology. To provide maximum comfort on lengthy rides, the seats are crafted of high-quality leather and have a variety of modifications. It also includes power-operated lumbar support and a massaging function. The dashboard is dominated by a big, high-resolution touchscreen display that acts as the infotainment system’s interface.

High-quality materials like wood and metal surround the screen, and it has clean, basic lines for a minimalist look. The temperature control system is intended to produce a comfortable interior atmosphere with separate zones for the driver and passengers and innovative functions like aroma diffusion and air-balance air filtration. The interior has adjustable ambient lighting in various colors and intensities to create the appropriate ambiance. Lighting is included in the door panels, dashboard, and center console.

The steering wheel is an important component of the driving experience, and the S Class has many options. It includes a heated leather-wrapped wheel with touch controls and a dynamic flat-bottom design. The high-end audio system has features including a big, center-mounted display screen and a powerful amplifier. A selection of speaker systems from famous audio manufacturers like Bang &Olufsen and Burmester. The inside of the Mercedes-Benz S Class 2024 reflects luxury and comfort. With an emphasis on sophisticated technologies and a premium material palette.

Mercedes Benz S

The Exterior of the Mercedes Benz S 2024

The Mercedes-Benz S Class 2024 has a sleek and futuristic appearance. It displays the brand’s attention to detail and attention to luxury. The exterior comprises high-quality materials, such as premium paint finishes and chrome accents. This feature gives it a stylish and attractive appearance.

A large Mercedes-Benz symbol in the center of the grille defines the vehicle’s front end. It has sharp LED headlights and daytime running lights on either side. The front fascia is highlighted with a stylish bumper and air that improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics. The S Class’s design is highlighted by its long, sleek body and unique lines. It provides a sensation of speed even when the car is still.

The automobile rides on huge, multi-spoke wheels, complementing the entire design and giving it a confident and sturdy appearance. The back is almost as stunning, with a sharp, aggressive design that features sleek headlights and a fitted bumper. The trunk lid is coated with a gold band. It also includes the classic Mercedes-Benz symbol, rounding off the car’s polished appearance. The Mercedes-Benz S Class 2024’s exterior displays the brand’s focus on high-quality design and luxury materials.

Mercedes Benz S Pakistan

Mercedes Benz S Specifications


a)      Body type Sedan
b)      Engine displacement 3000 cc
c)       Transmission Automatic
d)      Horsepower 367 hp
e)      Torque 500 Nm
f)       Fuel type Petrol
g)      Mileage 7-22 KM/L
h)      Fuel tank capacity 76 L


i.            Length 5289 mm
ii.            Height 1503 mm
iii.            Width 2109 mm
iv.            Ground clearance
v.            Boot space 540 L
vi.            Kerb weight 2015 KG
vii.            Top speed 250 KM/H
 viii.            Seating capacity 5 person

Mercedes Benz S Specifications

Mercedes Benz S Features

There are the following features of the Mercedes Benz S 2024;

  1. The exterior is sleek and modern, with redesigned front and rear fascias, LED lighting, and new alloy wheel styles.
  2. The inside is luxurious and roomy, with premium materials, ambient lighting, and a new 12.8-inch touchscreen infotainment display.
  3. A state-of-the-art suspension system, enhanced noise insulation, and a new E-Active Body Control are included for an ultra-smooth ride.
  4. Several strong and efficient engine options are available, including a plug-in hybrid and an Audi model with a V8 engine.
  5. Eco-friendly features include electric driving modes, regenerative braking, and engine choices with lower emissions.
  6. Power-closing doors, hands-free entry, and a 360-degree view camera improve comfort and convenience.

Pros and Cons of  Mercedes Benz S

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Elegant and high-quality design
High-quality interior and comfort features
Engine alternatives that are both powerful and efficient
Advanced security and technological features
Outstanding handling and driving dynamics[/i2pros][i2cons]Priced higher than competitors
Limited rear seat and luggage space
Some engine variants have higher fuel consumption.
Some owners have encountered maintenance concerns.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Mercedes Benz S Features


Here we explain everything related to Mercedes Benz S Price in Pakistan 2024. Still, if you have any questions or doubts, you can ask in the comment section. Please share your reviews in the comment section.

FAQs Related to Mercedes Benz S Price

What is the price of the Mercedes Benz S 2024?

The price of the Mercedes Benz S 2024 in Pakistan is PKR 80,000,000.

What is the curb weight of the Mercedes Benz S 2024?

The curb weight of the Mercedes Benz S 2024 is 2113 kg.

How many people can sit in the car Mercedes Benz S?

The seating capacity of the passengers in the car is 5.

What type of body of the Mercedes Benz S 2024?

The body of the Mercedes Benz S 2024 is a sedan with automatic transmission control.

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