Revolt Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

An electric motorbike is called Revolt. People want to get information about the Revolt Bike Price in Pakistan in 2024. Revolt bikes are well-known for their cutting-edge features and futuristic styling, which makes them popular with motorcyclists looking for cutting-edge and inventive substitutes for conventional gasoline-powered bikes. There are two variants of Revolt bikes available in Pakistan: the RV400 and the RV300.

Revolt bicycles come with cutting-edge features including regenerative braking, Bluetooth connectivity, onboard computers with AI capabilities, and mobile app integration. Additionally, they have a swappable battery function that enables customers to replace their exhausted battery with a fully charged one at predetermined switch stations, minimizing downtime and enhancing convenience.

Revolt Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

There are two variants of Revolt bikes available in Pakistan: the RV400 and the RV300.

Model Price
RV 400 ABOUT 490,000
RV 300 ABOUT 340,000

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Revolt Bike Features

Revolt bicycles are renowned for their cutting-edge technology and original styling. Below are some of the key characteristics of Revolt motorcycles.

  • Al-enabled onboard computer: Revolt bikes have an integrated computer with AI that delivers real-time data on the bike’s performance, battery life, range, and other factors.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Revolt bikes can be Bluetooth coupled with a mobile device, enabling users to see ride statistics, manage the bike’s capabilities, and receive notifications through a specialized smartphone app.
  • Swappable battery: Revolt bikes have a battery swappable function that enables riders to replace a flat battery with a fully charged one at predetermined switch stations, cutting down on downtime and enhancing convenience.
  • Regenerative braking: Regenerative braking, a feature of Revolt bikes, transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy that can be used to recharge the battery, extending the range and effectiveness of the vehicle.
  • Stylish design: Revolt bikes stand apart from traditional motorcycles thanks to their distinctive and futuristic look. They come in a variety of colors and are equipped with LED illumination, digital instrument clusters, and other fashionable features.
  • Fast charging: Revolt bikes allow riders to swiftly and simply recharge the battery and go back on the road because they can be fully charged in as little as 4.5 hours.

Revolt Bike Price in Pakistan

Power and Performance

Below is a list of the rebel bike’s power and performance.

Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Battery Capacity 72 V/3.24 KWh
Motor Power 3000 W
Torque 170 Nm
Top Speed 85 mph
Transmission Automatic
Drive Type Belt Drive
Motor Type Mid Drive

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Body and Dimension

Revolt bike dimensions and body are described here.

Wheelbase 1350 mm
Ground Clearance 215 mm
Kerb Weight 108 kg
Saddle Height 814 mm

Brakes and Wheels

Charging Time 4.5 Hours
Range 150 km/charge
Front Brake Disc, 240 mm
Rear Brake Disc, 240 mm
Braking Type Combo Brake System
Wheels Type Alloy
Tyre Size Front 90/80-17, Rear 120/80-17
Wheel Size Front:-431.8 mm, Rear:-431.8 mm
Frame Lightweight Single cradle Frame
Tubeless Tyre Tubeless
Front Suspension Upside Down Forks
Rear Suspension Monoshock
Additional Features RBS, Adjustable Footpegs, Portable Charging

Revolt Bike Pros and cons

Having a Revolt bike may have some of the following benefits and drawbacks.


  1. Eco-friendly: Revolt bikes are an environmentally beneficial alternative to motorbikes fueled by gasoline because they are electric and emit no pollutants
  2. Advanced features: Revolt bikes are convenient and simple to operate thanks to their high-tech features, which include AI-enabled onboard computers, Bluetooth connectivity, and regenerative braking.
  3. Cost-effective: Because of their cheaper maintenance and fuel expenses, rechargeable motorcycles are more economical to run than conventional gasoline-powered bikes.
  4. Unique design: Revolt bikes stand apart from traditional motorcycles thanks to their futuristic appearance, which gives them a fashionable and eye-catching appeal for riders.
  5. Swappable battery: Revolt bikes include a battery swappable feature that enables users to quickly replace exhausted batteries with fully charged ones, cutting downtime and enhancing convenience.


  1. Limited range: Revolt bikes’ range has increased over time, but it is still less than that of motorbikes fueled by gasoline, making them less appropriate for lengthy journeys.
  2. Limited availability: Revolt bikes are still quite new on the market; therefore, their accessibility might be restricted in some areas.
  3. Charging timeRevolt motorcycles may be charged in as little as 4.5 hours, but even so, this is still a lengthier charging period than filling up a petrol tank, which can be done in a matter of minutes
  4. Higher upfront cost: Revolt motorcycles might be more expensive upfront than conventional gasoline-powered bikes, which might limit some riders’ access to them.
  5. Limited service network: Revolt bikes may have a small service network due to their recent brand development, which makes getting repairs or maintenance completed more challenging.

Revolt Bike Price in Pakistan

2023 Revolt Bike Competitors

Both conventional gasoline-powered bikes and alternative electric motorcycles compete with Revolt bikes in Pakistan. Here are a few of Revolt Motorcycles’ primary rivals in Pakistan:

  • Super Power Electric Bike
  • United Electric Bike
  • Honda CB150F
  • Suzuki GS150SE

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White, black, and on demand.


Revolt bikes also have several restrictions and possible disadvantages, including their restricted service network in some areas, greater initial cost, and limited range. Revolt bikes are a creative and forward-thinking approach to motorbike design that provides several perks and advantages over conventional gasoline-powered bikes.

Users should carefully evaluate these aspects before making a purchase decision. However not all riders may find them to be the greatest option, so it’s crucial to thoroughly weigh the benefits and drawbacks before making a decision.

FAQs About Revolt Bike 2024:

Q how many models of the revolt bike?

In Pakistan, there are two models: RV 300 and RV 400.

Q How long does it take a battery to fully charge?


Q How far can one charge take you?


Q What kind of battery is inside this Bike?

Lithium   ION

Q Are tires tubeless?


Q. What is the Cost of a Revolt Bike Price in Pakistan in 2024?

The Revolt Bike Price in Pakistan Range is 490,000 To 340,000.

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