Mazda RX8 Price in Pakistan 2024, Specs & Features

Let’s going to discuss the latest and new Mazda RX8 Price in Pakistan in 2024. Mazda built the sports car known as the RX-8 from 2003 through 2012. It has 48 world car trophies under its belt. The Mazda RX 8 has a coupe body type. It has a Mazda engine-control system with port fuel injection, two-rotor Wankel, aluminum rotor housings with iron liners, and a rotary twin-cylinder configuration.

In Pakistan, the Mazda RX 8 has a four-person seating capacity and is an automatic vehicle. In 2017, the Mazda RX 8 was already introduced in Pakistan. All things considered, the Mazda RX-8 is a distinctive and thrilling sports vehicle that provides outstanding performance and usefulness in a stylish package. Before buying an automobile, however, prospective purchasers should be aware of its peculiarities and restrictions.

Mazda RX8 Price in Pakistan 2024

The Mazda RX8 Price in Pakistan 2024, along with the cost of its variations, is listed below. For a used Mazda RX8, the pricing could change.

Variants Price In Pakistan
Mazda RX 8 sport About PKR 5,143,875.00
Mazda RX 8 Grand Touring About PKR 6,034,233.00

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Mazda RX8 Interior

The cabin of the Mazda RX 8 is outfitted with a variety of cutting-edge innovations to make your trip extremely comfortable. The interior incorporates:

  • 6-speaker stereo system.
  • Cruise control.
  • Leather steering wheels with audio and cruise controls.
  • Holders for cups.
  • A console in the center and one above it.
  • The inbuilt blue LED features red nighttime lighting.
  • Vanity mirrors in the front and rear seats.
  • Windows with one-touch power.
  • A clock on the instrument panel.
  • Including audio and the outside temperature.
  • Mirrors that automatically dip.
  • In-dash CD changer with six discs; nine base speakers.
  • The Audio Pilot noise-canceling function.
  • 8-way motorized driver seat.
  • Keyless entry.
  • The parking brake with leather upholstery.

Mazda RX8 Price in Pakistan

2023 Mazda RX8 Exterior

The car’s exterior was designed with comfort and convenience in mind, and it boasts various features that make it perfect for both short and long trips. This car’s brand-new design is sure to impress. The Mazda RX 8’s outstanding external characteristics include:

  • Both the front and the back are distinctive.
  • The front’s sleek, sweeping headlamps and trapezoidal-shaped.
  • The massive black grille creates a statement in terms of fashion.
  • The front splitter and rectangular fog lights both add to the exterior’s elegance.
  • Freestyle doors and brilliant aluminum alloy wheels provide the side view with a unique appearance.
  • The car’s rear end features a lip spoiler and side-integrated angular sweeping lighting.
  • The LED taillights have a more streamlined and thinner shape.
  • The four air inlets.
  • Large diffuser towards the back.
  • Defogger for Windows.
  • The Mazda RX 8 is distinguished by its splash guards, door edge guards, splash guards, and windscreen wipers.
  • Wipers that detect rain.
  • Automatic headlamps (on-off).
  • Mirrors that are heated.
  • Sunroof with a one-touch opening.
  • Xenon lighting.

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Mazda RX8 Engine 2024

The table below includes more engine and transmission reviews.

Engine type Petrol
Horsepower 250 HP @ 8500 RPM
Torque 216 NM @ 7500 RPM
Fuel system EFI
Max speed 180 KM/H
No of cylinder 02
Cylinder Configuration Rotary Wankel
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Assembly Imported
Gearbox 6-Speed
Transmission Type Manual
Displacement 1308 cc


You can read more reviews here.

Minimum Turning Radius 5.3 m
Power Assisted Electronic Power Steering
Steering Type Rack & Pinion with Electronic Motor

Wheels and Tyres

You may read more reviews about wheels and tires.

Tire / Tyre Size 225/45/R18
Wheel Size 18 inch
Wheel Type Alloy wheels

Mileage /Petrol Average

These are details on the fuel tank and mileage.

Mileage City 8 KM/L
Mileage Highway 10 KM/L
Fuel Tank capacity 61 L

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Mazda RX8 Price in Pakistan


The Mazda RX8’s attributes that draw customers are listed below.

  • Air conditioning.
  • Central locking.
  • Power windows.
  • Steering adjustment.
  • Power steering.
  • Front fog lights.
  • Traction control.
  • Leather seats.
  • Power seats.
  • A folding rear seat.
  • An AM/FM radio.
  • Alloy wheels, and more features.

Dimension and Weight

The Mazda RX8’s dimensions and weight are listed below.

Kerb Weight 1345 KG
Overall Height 1330 mm / 4’5″ feet
Overall Width 1780 mm / 5’11” feet
Ground Clearance 125 mm / 0’5″ feet
Overall Length 4325 mm / 14’3″ feet
Wheel Base 2700 mm / 8’11” feet
No of Doors 5 doors

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Below are some of the Mazda RX 8’s rivals:

  • Nissan 350Z
  • Nissan 370Z
  • Audi TT
  • Porsche Boxster
  • BMW Z4
  • Honda S2000


The available colors of the Mazda RX-8 can vary depending on the model year and location. However, some of the most common colors for the RX-8 include.

  • Winning blue metallic
  • Velocity red mica
  • Sunlight silver metallic
  • Sparkling black mica
  • Crystal white pearl mica

Depending on the individual model year and area, additional colors including Copper Red Mica, Brilliant Black, and Galaxy Gray Mica may also be offered. To find out which colors of the Mazda RX-8 are offered in your area, it is best to contact nearby car lots or internet auto marketplaces.

Pros and cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Mazda RX-8:


  • Unique design: The RX-8 stands out from other sports vehicles with its four-door layout, which also makes it simple to access the back seats.
  • Rotary engine: The rotary engine in the RX-8 offers powerful high-rpm performance and an exhilarating driving experience
  • Handling: The RX-8’s rear-wheel drive configuration and 50/50 weight distribution are credited with improving handling characteristics such as agility and balance.
  • Fuel efficiency: For a sports car, the RX-8 has a respectable fuel economy rating from the EPA of 18 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the interstate.
  • Practicality: The RX-8 is more practical than other sports cars because of its roomy boot and back seats.


  • Reliability: The rotary engine is notorious for being less dependable than standard piston engines and calling for unique maintenance techniques.
  • Quirks: Not everyone will like the RX-8’s design, and some drivers could think it’s too eccentric.
  • Limited space: The RX-8 has less space than comparable sports cars, yet is more practical than other sports cars.
  • Expensive maintenance: The RX-8’s distinctive engine and other components might be pricey to fix or replace if they malfunction.
  • Limited availability: Finding components and mechanics who are knowledgeable about the RX-8 can be difficult because it is not a common vehicle.


In summary, the Mazda RX-8 is a distinct and thrilling sports car that combines exceptional performance, usefulness, and design. Its four-door design distinguishes it from other sports vehicles and makes accessing the back seats simple. Another distinctive element of the RX-8 is its rotary engine, which offers high-revving power and an exhilarating driving experience. The rotary engine does, however, have several drawbacks, such as being less dependable than conventional piston engines and necessitating unique maintenance techniques. In addition, not everyone may like the RX-8’s aesthetic. The Mazda RX-8 is a unique sports car that provides an exhilarating driving experience and utility overall, but prospective buyers should be aware of its idiosyncrasies and limitations before making a purchase.

FAQs about Mazda RX8 Price in Pakistan 2024:

Q: Is the Mazda RX8 a reliable car?

The Mazda RX8 has a reputation for being unreliable, especially with its rotary engine. It is advised that the engine be tested and maintained periodically because regular inspection and maintenance are essential to keeping the engine operating smoothly.

Q How many seats does the Mazda RX8 have?

The Mazda RX8 has four seats, including two front bucket seats and two rear seats that can fold down to provide extra cargo space.

Q Is the Mazda RX8 a sports car?

Yes, the Mazda RX8 is considered a sports car, with its unique rotary engine, rear-wheel drive, and sport-tuned suspension

Q Is the Mazda RX8 still in production?

Mazda ceased making the RX8 in 2012 because its rotary engine had trouble complying with emissions standards.

Q What is the minimum price of a used Mazda RX8?

The cost of a Mazda RX8 might differ according to the vehicle’s year of manufacture, condition, mileage, and location.

Q What is the fuel average of the Mazda RX8 Type S?

The Mazda RX8 Type S’s fuel economy ranges from 8 to 10 KM/L.

Q Does Mazda RX8 Type S have Air Bags in it?

There are six airbags in it.

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