Suzuki Motorcycle 110 Price in Pakistan 2024

Looking for an affordable, reliable motorcycle for your travels? Consider the Suzuki Motorcycle 110. This Japanese-manufactured vehicle is great if you want something easy to maintain and ride but don’t want to break the bank. Check out our article for all the details on the Suzuki Motorcycle 110 Price which ranges from PKR 335,000. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at what makes the Suzuki Motorcycle 110 stand out from other models on the market today. 

The Suzuki Motorcycle 110 has an air-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that provides great power output and fuel efficiency at 19 km/l. You’ll feel comfortable cruising around town or taking on country roads thanks to its low seat height of 690 mm, which makes getting your feet firmly planted easier than ever.


Overview of Suzuki 110 Motorcycle

It is a compact Bike in its sleek design and lightweight frame – ideal for city driving or lighter off-road terrain – Plus, it fits well into any lifestyle with expressive lines that are sure to turn heads no matter where your adventures may take you! The model also has several helpful features like dual headlights and rear brakes, which contribute to improved visibility during dawn or dusk and added safety when cruising around sharp turns or tight corners of traffic-filled roads.

Furthermore, plenty of storage space under the seat makes packing items such as backpacks and groceries easily accessible while on the go too! Finally – in terms of fuel economy, thanks to its low engine displacement (110cc), imagine how many miles per gallon can be attained by mounting one of these bad boys.

The economical design and impressive acceleration make it perfect for learner motorcycle license holders just starting their biking journey without busting their budget.

Suzuki Motorcycle 110 Price in Pakistan 2024

The price of Suzuki Motorcycle 110 in Pakistan 2024 is which is PKR 335,000.

Interior of Suzuki Motorcycle 110

Suzuki Motorcycle 110 motorcycle has an iconic, sporty shape and is a favorite among riders for its affordability and reliability. But what makes this Bike so popular? It turns out that it’s all in the details – specifically, how well-designed and comfortable its interior cabin is. Let’s take a look inside; the design of the Suzuki Motorcycle 110 focuses heavily on comfort. The seat height is adjustable, providing maximum convenience while riding and allowing even smaller-statured riders to settle into the saddle comfortably.

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Additionally, feet are positioned at an angle, making them incredibly easy to reach, which allows for better control over your ride – giving you more energy output per pedal stroke as opposed to being slightly off balance due to uneven leg pains or aches during long trips.

Combined with other features like external suspension dampers provide smooth transitions over bumps or humps in roadways, enhancing overall rider experience; rubber grips ensure that hands feel almost glued firmly without losing their hold when temperatures rise; air-cooled seat maintains lumbar support make those longer rides tolerable throughout hot summer days―the entire experience bicycling within this athletic one piece will leave any cyclist stunned by engineering capabilities of such small vehicle. It truly offers something beyond expectation.

Suzuki Motorcycle 110 2024 Exterior

Speaking of safety, the Suzuki’s full chassis offers stability while cornering while increasing riding confidence through increased grip when steering into turns – ideal for beginners who want more control over their rides than any other option can provide them! Of course, upgrades like telescopic front shocks and disc brakes only add to those capabilities making sure you keep accelerating happily no matter what kind of terrain or weather conditions lie ahead. And lastly, don’t forget about aesthetics:

with striking colors combinations available, including “Candy Super Black” along sleek black trim lines plus easy access headlights, running lights, and tail & turn signals, everyone will quickly see why this svelte gem shouldn’t go overlooked when thinking about buying one’s first Bike anytime soon either.

Specifications of Suzuki 110

Here we show you the specification of the Suzuki Motorcycle 110;

1.       No of cylinder 1
2.       Starter system kick
3.       Ignition type CDI
4.       Seating capacity 2 person
5.       Front brake Drum
6.       Rear brake Drum
7.       Fuel capacity 10.5 L

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Suzuki Motorcycle 110 Price in Pakistan 2024

Suzuki Motorcycle 110 price in Pakistan


The Suzuki Motorcycle 110 offers stability while cornering while increasing riding confidence through increased grip when steering into turns. The dimension is given below;

Length 1900 mm
Width 750 mm
Height 1050 mm
wheelbase 1215 mm
Ground clearance 140 mm

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Suzuki Motorcycle 110 Engine 2024

Engine durability is often discussed before buying a motorcycle if speed alone becomes priority number one; however, trust us when we say skillfully crafted engines aren’t always powerful enough and typically lose power after some distance covered due to rising temperatures.

1.       Engine type SOHC 4-stroke
2.       Compression 9.5.1
3.       Tank capacity 10.5 l
4.       Displacement 113cc
5.       Seating capacity 2 persons

Colors Options for Suzuki 110

Suzuki Motorcycle 110 is available in different colors and trims. The Suzuki Motorcycle 110 is available in the following colors;

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red 

Suzuki 110 Motorcycle Competitors

The Suzuki Motorcycle 110 has a unique style and design, which make it popular and attractive. The main competitors of Suzuki Motorcycle 110 in Pakistan are;

Suzuki Motorcycle 110 price in Pakistan

Features Of Suzuki Motorcycle 110 2024

Here are five features why the Suzuki 110 is worth checking out:

1) Lightweight construction – The lightweight frame makes maneuvering through winding roads or even tight turns easy without feeling like your body weight limits control.

2)Affordability – Compared with some other 130cc motorcycles, the Suzuki 110 offers exceptional bang-for-your-buck value by delivering quality at an affordable price.

3)Attractive design – Not only does this classic model look great on tracks or city streets, but there is also something undeniably cool about owning one. Style points will still be secured if you make modifications or keep things simple stock-wise.

4) Fuel efficiency– You don’t need to pour gallons upon gallons into tanking up when riding a Suzuki 110 motorcycle since fuel economy plays very nicely in your favor here. Get ready for those exciting days that feel more spacious thanks to these nifty two-wheels and their fuel-conscious nature!

5) Durable engine – Engine durability isn’t often talked about before buying a motorcycle if speed alone becomes priority number one; however, trust us when we say skillfully crafted engines aren’t always powerful enough and typically end up losing power after some distance covered due rising temperatures, etc. so having an extra durable motor prepped back home inside such fantastic rides can do nothing but good deeds!

In closing, no matter what type of rider you may gift yourself as soon as possible by getting hold of this promise-fulfilling ride, they prefer using their most beloved lonesome transport method during balmy summers & chilled winters, and won’t regret adding another plus mark unto themselves.

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The Suzuki Motorcycle 110 is a popular motorcycle that has existed since 2003. Its fuel-efficient engine, comfortable seat, and stylish design make it an affordable option for riders who want a reliable and durable. Overall, if convenient yet dependable two-wheel transportation sounds are appealing, consider giving yourself a chance. We provide all the necessary details in the article. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comment section.

FAQs About Suzuki Motorcycle 110 Price

What is The price of the Suzuki Motorcycle 110  in Pakistan in 2024?

The price of the Suzuki Motorcycle 110 in Pakistan 2024 is PKR 335,000.

In how many colors Suzuki Motorcycle 110 is available?

It is available in 4 colors, black, blue, red, and grey.

What is the Suzuki Motorcycle 110  fuel average?

The fuel average of the Suzuki Motorcycle 110 is 50 km.

What is the dimension of the Suzuki Motorcycle 110?

The dimension of the Suzuki Motorcycle 110 is 1900,750,1050 mm.

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