Changan Karvaan 2024 Price in Pakistan, Interior & Features

Changan Karvaan 2024 Price in Pakistan, Interior & Features. The Changan Karvaan in Pakistan 2024 Specifications Pakistan is one of the world’s most advanced light commercial vehicles. It’s fully equipped, safe, spacious, and more fuel-efficient than other vans in its class. It’s powered by a Cummins ISDT engine, seats up to ten passengers, and can reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. This is a perfect choice for companies that need a quick and efficient way to transport their employees and goods. The Updated Price of Changan Karvaan in Pakistan is PKR 2,779,000.

It is expected to be one of the most popular cars in the country due to its impressive features and reasonable price. The Changan Karvaan 2024 price is expected to be around PKR 2,779,000/- making it an affordable option for many Pakistani car buyers. The car will come with a range of advanced features such as automatic climate control, rear parking sensors, and a powerful engine that will make it a great choice for those who want a reliable and comfortable ride. With its stylish design and great performance, the Changan Karvaan 2024 is set to be one of the most sought-after cars in Pakistan.

If you want to buy a family car, then the best car to get is the Changan Karvaan. This is a well-known China-based company that has built many showrooms in major cities of Pakistan. It has a higher seat than a small car, making it roomier for the whole family. Changan Karvaan in Pakistan’s 2024 vehicle is much better than the Suzuki Bolan. Further, information about Changan Karvaan 2024 Price and specifications are listed below.

Changan Karvaan Price in Pakistan 2024

The latest price of Changan Karvaan in Pakistan 2024 vehicle is PKR 2,779,000.  The engine capacity of this vehicle is 1000cc with a 4-cylinder OHC.

Changan Karvaan Price

Variant Price
Changan Karvaan Standard Price PKR: 2,779,000
Changan Karvaan Plus car price PKR: 2,999,000

Changan Karvaan 2024 Overview

A mid-sized van called the Changan Karvaan 2024 is produced by Changan Auto, a state-owned car company in a compact van with front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, the Changan Karvaan 2nd generation, is the smallest ChanganThere are two versions of this in Pakistan: Changan Karvaan Base Model 1.0 and Karvaan Plus.

Changan Karvaan 2024 Model Specs

The car Changan Karvaan in Pakistan 2024 comes in seven variants that are powered by a turbocharged 1. The very first and most important feature is its fuel economy. The previous models of Karavan had fuel power issues, and many customers complained about it.

  • Displacement
999 cc
  • Engine Power
68 hp @ 6000 RPM
  • Fuel System
  • Fuel Type
  • No of Cylinders
  • Torque
92 Nm @ 4800 RPM
  • Valve Mechanism
DOHC 16 Valves
  • Valves per Cylinder
  • Compression Ratio

Dimensions and Weights

Boot Space
a)      Ground Clearance 150 mm
b)      Kerb Weight 1140 KG
c)      No of Doors 5 door
d)     Overall Height 1890 mm
e)      Overall Length 3980 mm
f)       Overall Width 1620 mm
g)      Wheel Base 2560 mm

Changan Karvaan Price

Interior Of Changan Karvaan 2024 in Pakistan

The car interior of Changan Karvaan in Pakistan 2024 comprises three sections: the dashboard, steering wheel, and door panels. This design provides a better look and better performance. This is a great company that makes its car interiors in China using high-quality materials. This is why car interior Changan Karvaan is so popular among its customers, as it has a very good reputation for using only high-quality products in its manufacturing processes.

Exterior Of Karvaan 2024 in Pakistan

The Changan Karvaan in Pakistan 2024 is a sleek and futuristic design with a high profile that has been gaining popularity in China. This is a great-looking car, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants a handsome and stylish ride. The Changan Karvaan in Pakistan 2024 is for family use. Its Exterior is Soo much better than other cars.

Changan Karvaan Exterior

  • Boot Space
  • Ground Clearance
150 mm
  • Curb Weight
1140 KG
  • No of Doors
  • Length / Width / Height (mm)
3980 / 1620 / 1890
2560 mm
  • Seating Capacity
7 Persons

Changan Karvaan Plus Fuel Average

A new petrol power 1000cc wagon gives 12 KM per liter inside the city. This SUV is a true workhorse, as it has a 4.5L engine that can take on almost anything without breaking a sweat. But the best advice for you is to keep it on petrol for your unit, it is the most efficient.

Pros and Cons

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]• Economical
• Spacious Interior
• Better Build Quality than Bolan
• AC is standard
• Impressive interior seating dimensions[/i2pros][i2cons]• Cabin Noise
• Road Grip could be better
• Build Quality could be better
• Price is getting higher[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Changan Karvaan Price

2023 Colors

The Changan Karvaan 2024 is available in 3 different colors which are mentioned below

  1. Black
  2. Silver
  3. White

Changan Karvaan 2024 Competitors

Changan Karvaan Price

FAQs about Changan Karvaan 2024

  1. What is the Price of Changan Karvaan 2024 in Pakistan?

The price of Changan Karvaan 2024 in Pakistan is PKR 2,779,000.

  1. What is the Price of Changan Karvaan Plus 2024 in Pakistan?

The Price of Changan Karvaan Plus 2024 in Pakistan is PKR 2,999,000.

  1. What is the mileage/Fuel average of Changan Karvaan 2024?

The fuel average of Changan Karvaan 2024 is 12 km/L to 14 Km/L.

  1. How Much is Changan Karvaan Fuel Tank Capacity?
  • 40-liter
  1. What is the top speed of Changan Karvaan?

The top speed of Changan Karvaan is 120 KM/H.

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