Suzuki Hustler Price in Pakistan 2024, Specs & Features

Suzuki Hustler In the current situation, the price of the is beautiful. In addition, the Suzuki Hustler price in Pakistan sees disposition due to the ups and downs in the auto market. Suzuki Hustler was introduced in 2013 in Japan, where people love this vehicle and it has gained a lot of fame. In the first year of release, Suzuki sold about 1 lac automobiles in Japan, the same as many other Japanese cars. India and Pakistan are two other countries where demand is high for Suzuki’s affordable and dependable products. It has many features that make it perfect for enthusiasts who want to explore the roads and highways.

We have all the information you need on the Suzuki Hustler Price in Pakistan. Whether you’re buying a new or used vehicle, we’ll provide you with an up-to-date overview of the Suzuki Hustler Price in Pakistan for 2024. We’ll also include all the necessary information about features, specifications, and more so that you can make an informed decision.

Customers have been impressed by the Suzuki Hustler 2024’s efficiency and quickness as well as its appealing design and low fuel consumption. Also, you may get one with a Mazda Flair Crossover style by visiting any one of the Mazda showrooms in Japan. It also has many safety features that ensure you are always safe when behind the wheel. It is a roader, off-roader, or a known as micro, all of which relate to a vehicle that Suzuki Japan has developed and produced.

Suzuki Hustler 2024 Price in Pakistan

All info about Suzuki Hustler in Pakistan 2024 Interior, Review is going to mention below and people who are going to buy a  new vehicle like Suzuki Swift now check this car as well as the price if the car is low as compared to another vehicle. 

The Suzuki Hustler price in Pakistan can range from PKR 1,600,000. To PKR 350,000.

Suzuki Hustler Specification

Suzuki Hustler 2024 Variants

Variants Factory Price
Suzuki Hustler A

658 cc, Automatic, Petrol

6 Airbags, Traction Control, ABS, Power Windows, Power Steering, Power Mirror, Power Door Locks

PKR 1,625,000
Suzuki Hustler G

658 cc, Automatic, Petrol

6 Airbags, Traction Control, ABS, Alloy Wheels, Fog Lights, Power Windows, Power Steering

PKR 1,600,000
Suzuki Hustler G Turbo

658 cc, Automatic, Petrol

6 Airbags, Traction Control, Steering Switches, ABS, Alloy Wheels, Fog Lights, Power Windows

PKR 1,650,000
Suzuki Hustler X

658 cc, Automatic, Petrol

6 Airbags, Traction Control, ABS, Alloy Wheels, Fog Lights, Power Windows, Power Steering

PKR 2,375,000
Suzuki Hustler X Turbo

658 cc, Automatic, Petrol

6 Airbags, Traction Control, Steering Switches, ABS, Alloy Wheels, Fog Lights, Power Windows

PKR 1,925,000

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Suzuki Hustler 2024 Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Comfortable
Spacious Cabin
A lot of Features
Superior Quality of Ride Comfort
Full of Extras
Roomy Quarters
[/i2pros][i2cons]Expensive for a minivan
Bad Exterior Look
Competitively expensive for the type.
The Exterior Is Very Box

Suzuki Hustler Specification

Suzuki Hustler 2024 Exterior

Although it is commonly classified as an SUV, the Japanese mistake it for a Mini Van. Considered a Mini SUV or Mini Van in Japan. The older model’s design isn’t exactly cutting-edge. Suzuki Hustler is a new sports car that is being offered in several different colors. The car has an open-air feel, which gives it a very restful and calming feeling. The exterior design of the Suzuki Hustler is gorgeous, apart from the portable body.  In addition to the layout of the outer body, the car has four side doors. These latest beautiful and soft Chrome door handles are increasing the vehicle’s elegance. The Suzuki Hustler Turbo’s rear is slightly different from the standard model’s, having a round tail light and two exhaust-like decorations on the bumpers.

Suzuki Hustler 2024 Luxurious Interior

All the latest requirements are available in Suzuki Hustler to provide the occupants with full-time relaxation. In addition, the seats in this car are made from unique fabric cloth, which does not absorb liquid easily and works for a long time. The interior of the Suzuki Hustler is quite impressive looking. In other words, its interior is completely funky looking. You will get the feel if you are sitting and driving a retro kind of car. Whether you’re looking for a car that you can use to commute to work or to take you on a luxury trip, the Suzuki Hustler is perfect for you. In addition, this car has five seats and, based on customer reviews, the seats are soft enough to allow passengers to sleep during long trips. The most recent versions include a panel that graphical which was previously impossible.

Colors Option

There are the following colors in this model:

  1. While
  2. Black
  3. Blue
  4. Yellow
  5. Orange

Hustler 2024 Features

The demand for a car, and therefore its price, is primarily influenced by its features. Knowing the design and the most recent features of the vehicle will also help determine its price. In this regard, Suzuki Hustler’s style and features are well known. The car also has other stunning features that set it apart from other vehicles.

  1. Defogger
  2. Heater
  3. USB ports
  4. Adjustment to the steering wheel
  5. Armrest
  6. Power Rear Windows
  7. Electric Windows
  8. Alloy Wheels
  9. Multi-information
  10. Optional navigation system
  11. Mirror for power
  12. Remote keyless entry
  13. Interior lighting
  14. Air Conditioner

Suzuki Hustler Features


The engine present in the Suzuki Hustler is powerful enough to improve the quality of the ride. Although the 660-cc, three-cylinder engine isn’t particularly impressive, it provides enough horsepower for the needs of the vast majority of users. It produces 62 horsepower and 95 nm of torque at 3000 rpm. The engine oil capacity of the Suzuki Hustler is 3 Liters.

Fuel Average

The fuel-saving  Suzuki Hustler is a great choice for those who want to enjoy the journey. It features a comfortable ride, good fuel economy, and a variety of powertrain options that make it perfect for both urban and rural lifestyles. 

Suzuki Hustler Fuel Average

Fuel Type Petrol
27 L
Mileage City 17 KM/L
21 KM/L


Like many other vehicles, it has basic safety which includes seat belts for all passengers and airbags for the front seats. In addition, the organization knows very well that the life of the occupant matter. Other safety features that are usually not found in locally manufactured vehicles of the same price are traction control, ABS brakes, and forward-collision warning. And for this purpose, they install all the essential safety needs in this vehicle. Similarly, the Child Safety Lock and rear power windows are excellent examples.

Front: Ventilated Disc, Rear: Drum
Electronic Power Steering
Alarm System Anti-Lock
Rack & Pinion with Electronic Motor
Immobilizer Key

Suzuki Hustler 2024 Specification

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 3395 x 1475 x 1665 mm
  • Ground Clearance
Displacement 658 cc
Horse Power 51 – 62 hp
  • Torque
63 – 95 Nm
Boot Space 27 L
  • Kerb Weight
800 KG
Fuel Type Petrol
  • Mileage
17 – 22 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity 27 L
  • Seating Capacity
4 – Persons
Top Speed 140 KM/H
  • Tyre Size

2023 Competitors

Suzuki Hustler 2024 competes with Daihatsu Mira, Honda N One & Suzuki Kei in the market.


Suspension & Brakes

The vehicle has a double-wishbone setup up front and a coil-over setup in the back for its suspension. This set-up for the suspension aids in providing a comfortable ride by soaking up the inevitable bumps and shocks. The suspension of a Suzuki Hustler also contributes to the vehicle’s steadiness on the road. It facilitates the vehicle’s easy and efficient motion along the road. Disc brakes are standard on Suzuki Hustler models. The 2024 price of a brand-new Suzuki Hustler in Pakistan is reasonable. Thus, you should think about purchasing it.

Steering Type Rack & Pinion With Electric Motor
Minimum Turning Radius 4.6m
Suspension Front Macpherson Strut With Coil Spring
Suspension Rear Isolated Trailing Link Type Coil Spring
Brakes Front Ventilated Discs
Brakes Rear Drums

Tyre and Wheels

High-quality tires are standard in Suzuki Hustler automobiles. The tires were built with speed and steadiness in mind. The Suzuki Hustler offers a selection of wheel sizes and materials. The standard wheel size for Suzuki Hustlers is 15 inches. Enter your Suzuki Hustler’s VIN into our online wheel size and type calculator to get the information you need.

Tyre Size 165/60/R15
Wheel Size 15 inch
Wheel Type Alloy Type
PCD 4×100 mm


We explain Suzuki Hustler points in detail, including design, price, features, specifications, and pros and cons in depth. The Suzuki Hustler is a great car for those looking for reliable transportation. It offers good gas mileage and a comfortable ride without breaking the bank. The current price of a Suzuki Hustler in Pakistan is quite reasonable and it should hold its value well over time. 


What is the top speed of the Suzuki Hustler?

The top speed of the Suzuki Hustler is 140 KM/H.

Suzuki Hustler is available in Pakistan?

You can choose from one of the 66 available Suzuki Hustlers in Pakistan. A Hustler can cost anything from PKR 1,600,000. To PKR 350,000. in Pakistan.

Is Suzuki Hustler comfortable?

It is comparable to other vehicles with comparable power in terms of overall comfort. It’s a young person’s decision, which family guys typically don’t like.

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