Ford Raptor Price in Pakistan 2024, Specs & Features

You’ve found the place to go for an original perspective on the Ford Raptor. Undoubtedly one of the most well-liked vehicles on the road is the Ford Raptor. It is a strong vehicle that is capable of navigating any terrain. The Raptor is capable whether you’re traveling on the road or off-road. I have explained the Ford Raptor price in Pakistan 2024, Specs, Features, Engine, and many more below. The current price of the Ford Raptor ranges from 109 Lac.

There are many articles about the Raptor online because of its popularity. How do you set yours apart from the others? By offering comprehensive details about the car that are missing from other pages. We’ll go through the history, capabilities, and characteristics of the Ford Raptor in this post. After reading this article, you will be knowledgeable about this beautiful car.

The Ford Raptor is a well-liked car among auto enthusiasts. It is a high-performance car well known for its striking design and powerful performance. The Ford Raptor comes in several colors and features, making it desirable. The Raptor comes in various trim levels, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. If you’re looking for a car that is both unique and exhilarating to drive, the Ford Raptor is a fantastic choice.

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Ford Raptor Price in Pakistan 2024

The Ford Raptor price in Pakistan in 2024 is 109 Lac.

Ford Raptor  price in Pakistan 109 Lac

Ford Raptor Price in Pakistan 2024, Specs & Features

Ford Raptor price in Pakistan

Interior of Ford Raptor

There are few automobiles with a design as distinctive as the Ford Raptor. The method of this off-road vehicle demonstrates that both form and function were considered. The Raptor is a genuine standout in the automobile world, from the imposing front appearance to the practical cabin.

The Raptor’s interior layout is one of its most striking features. Ford truly outdid itself with the inside design, and it is obvious that every aspect was meticulously researched. The materials used to construct the vehicle’s interior are of the finest caliber, and the seats are supportive and pleasant. Every control is easily accessible, and the overall design is practical and fashionable.

Ford Raptor Interior

A significant component of the Ford Raptor’s distinctiveness is its interior design. If you want a vehicle that expertly combines form and function in a way that will stand out, the Raptor is the best option. Thanks to a select few unique elements, the Ford Raptor differentiates itself from the competitor’s interior design.

First and foremost, the seats are exceptionally comfortable and well-bolstered, making it easy to stay sat even during the most challenging off-road excursions.

The infotainment system is likewise excellent, with an intuitive user interface with smartphone integration for Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Of course, the Raptor has the largest touchscreen display in its class, with a gigantic 12-inch screen. Yet above and beyond all of that, the small elements distinguish the Raptor’s interior.

A built-in LED light, for instance, illuminates the shift pattern at night and is integrated into the shifter knob, which is constructed of machined aluminum. The floor mats are made from a thick, weather-resistant material, and the door panels are finished with suede inserts. The Ford Raptor’s cabin has been carefully designed and will appeal to even the pickiest off-roaders.

Ford Raptor Specification 2024

Transmission Automatic
Fuel tank capacity 87 L
Top speed 180 km/h
Body type Truck
Seating capacity 5 persons
Drivetrain 4 wheel

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Engine displacement 5000 cc
Horsepower 290 hp
Torque 360 Nm
Drivetrain 4 wheel
Transmission Automatic

Ford Raptor Exterior

Only so many cars are as distinctive and fashionable as the Ford Raptor when it comes to design. Because of this vehicle’s uniqueness, people will stop and stare at it wherever they go. The Raptor stands out from the crowd thanks to its robust, aggressive stance and distinctive style. The Ford Raptor is ideal if you want a car that will draw attention to you and get you noticed.

The Ford Raptor stands apart from other vehicles on the market thanks to a few distinctive exterior design elements. The car’s unique grille appearance is both forceful and fashionable. Together with fog lights and LED daytime running lights, the Raptor’s front end has additional characteristics contributing to its distinctive appearance. The car also boasts flared wheel arches and a sizable rear spoiler, which enhance aerodynamic performance. Overall, the Ford Raptor’s look is distinct and fashionable, and it will draw attention when it is being driven.

Ford Raptor Exterior


Length 232 inches
Width 87 inches
Height 80 inches
Wheelbase 145 inches
Ground clearance 238 mm

Ford Raptor price in Pakistan

Ford Raptor Features

A distinctive and stunning vehicle is the Ford Raptor. It stands out from the competition thanks to a variety of characteristics. The Ford Raptor’s salient features include the following:

  1. The Ford Raptor is distinctively styled. It looks unpleasant because it is larger and wider than most cars.
  2. The Ford Raptor has a lot of power. It boasts a powerful V8 engine that generates lots of torque.
  3. The Ford Raptor is a quick vehicle. In just 4.8 seconds, it can go from 0 to 60 mph.
  4. The Ford Raptor has a lot of clearance from the ground. Up to 18-inch tall barriers are no match for it. 
  5. Special off-road tires are available for the Ford Raptor. On a variety of surfaces, these tires offer excellent traction.
  6. There is a special suspension system in the Ford Raptor. The Raptor rides comfortably on every surface thanks to its suspension technology.
  7. The Ford Raptor has excellent interior comfort. The inside is roomy, and the seats are leather.
  8. The Ford Raptor is incredibly secure. A sturdy frame and numerous airbags are present.

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Pros and Cons of Ford Raptor


  • The Raptor is a competent off-road vehicle. It’s able to tackle just about any terrain you might encounter.
  • The Raptor’s suspension is extremely well-tuned. It provides a smooth and comfortable ride, even when the going gets rough.
  • The Raptor’s engine is very powerful. It provides plenty of torque and horsepower, which is great for when you need to tow or haul heavy loads.


  • The Ford Raptor is a very expensive car. It is one of the most expensive cars on the market and cannot be easily affordable.
  • Limited cargo space is the main drawback.

Ford Raptor Colors Options

  • Agate Black Metallic, 
  • Antimatter Blue Metallic, 
  • Atlas Blue Metallic, 
  • Code Orange Metallic, 
  • Iconic Silver Metallic, 
  • Oxford White 
  • Rapid Red Metallic.

Ford Raptor Competitors 2024;

  • Dodge Ram 1500
  • GMC Sierra 1500
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Nissan Titan


We explain Ford Raptor points in detail, including design, price, features, specifications, and pros and cons in depth. Still, if you are confused, you can ask us in the comment section.

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FAQs About Ford Raptor Price in Pakistan 2024

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Ford Raptor car.

What is the price of the Ford Raptor car?

The Ford Raptor price in Pakistan in 2024 is 109 Lac.

What are the features of the Ford Raptor car?

The Ford Raptor car is a four-door SUV with a V6 engine. It has a 10-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

What is the fuel economy of the Ford Raptor car?

The Ford Raptor car has a fuel economy of 16 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway.

What are the safety features of the Ford Raptor car?

The Ford Raptor car comes with several safety features, including airbags, stability control, and a rearview camera.

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