BMW X5 25d Price in Pakistan 2024, Specs, Features & Reviews

People want to know the BMW X5 25d Price in Pakistan 2024 with Specs, Features & Reviews. The BMW X5 25d is a diesel-powered version of the BMW X5, a mid-size luxury SUV. The X5 25d is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine that produces 254 horsepower and a hefty 413 lb-ft of torque. It is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission and comes with all-wheel drive as standard.

In terms of performance, the BMW X5 25d is known for its strong acceleration and responsive handling, thanks to its powerful diesel engine and all-wheel drive system. It also has a smooth and refined ride quality, which makes it comfortable to drive on long journeys.

The new BMW X5 is stylish, especially since it’s available in Pakistan in the new X5 model. It’s among a growing number of premium SUVs to be offered with 4-cylinder power, which only adds to its appeal.  In my opinion, the X5 series 25d is the most advanced of all the models. It was a great car experience, but it gave me a steady and well-balanced ride.

BMW X5 25d Price in Pakistan 2024

BMW X5 25d Price

BMW X5 25d Price in PKR In between PKR 2 Crore to 3 Crore

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BMW X5 25d Features

  1. 10-speaker sound system with a CD player
  2. USB input and HD radio
  3. Cruise control
  4. Electric mirrors
  5. Heated mirrors
  6. Electric windows front
  7. Electric windows rear
  8. Seat height adjustment
  9. Climate Control
  10. Power Steering Standard
  11. Steering adjustment reach
  12. Steering adjustment rake
  13. Power Seats

BMW X5 25d Features

BMW X5 25d Specifications

  • Brand
  • Generation
X5 (F15)
  • Engine
25d (254 Hp) xDrive
  • Doors
254 hp
  • Maximum speed
220 km/h
  • Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h
8.2 sec
  • Fuel tank volume
75 l
  • Year of putting into production
The 2013 year
  • Year of stopping production
The 2015 year
  • Seats
  • Length
4886 mm.
  • Width
1938 mm.
  • Height
1762 mm.
  • Wheelbase
2933 mm.
  • Front track
1644 mm.
  • Rear (Back) track
1650 mm.
  • Position of engine
Front, lengthwise
  • Volume of engine
1995 cm3
4400 rpm.
  • Torque
450/1500-2500 Nm
  • Fuel System
Diesel Commonrail
  • Turbine
Twin-power turbo
  • Position of cylinders
  • Number of cylinders
  • Bore
84 mm.
  • Stroke
90 mm.
  • Compression ratio
  • Number of valves per cylinder
  • Wheel Drive
All-wheel drive (4×4)
  • Number of Gears (automatic transmission)
  • ABS
Steering rack
  • Fuel consumption (economy) – urban
6.8 l/100 km.
  • Fuel consumption (economy) – extra urban
5.4 l/100 km.
  • Fuel consumption (economy) – combined
5.9 l/100 km.
  • Emission standard
  • CO2 emissions
154 g/km
  • Kerb Weight
2115 kg.
  • Max. weight
2750 kg.

BMW X5 25d Specifications

BMW x5 25d car interior

The interior of the BMW x5 25d is very stylish and beautiful. It has much nice and luxurious equipment. The LED fog lights and enhanced Bluetooth connectivity for smartphone integration are available in the BMW x5 25d called lighting into the vehicle’s dashboard. This LED can be used to check the front and back views through cameras. BMW x5 25d Car 2024 in Pakistan has a capacity of 5 passengers.

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The exterior design of the BMW X5 25d

BMW X5 25D is a great-looking luxury SUV. The unique features of this vehicle include stylish graphics and a lavish design. Moreover, the alloy wheels and steel chrome grille make it futuristic to the other cars. In front, the BMW has two swept sides looking separate with a steel bar.

BMW X5 25d exterior


Safety features

  1. Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  2. with ABS (antilock braking system)
  3. Safety camera
  4. Rear disc brakes
  5. Front And Rear Anti-Roll Bars
  6. Power Door Locks with Auto-lock Features

Fuel Tank Capacity

The BMW x5 25d car Fuel Tank Capacity is 75 L. This is best for a long drive.

BMW X5 25d Features


In the end, all we will share is the fact that a BMW driver gives the sedan a five-star grade for safety, comfort, and other features. Aside from that, the BMW X5 25d is cheaper than other cars in terms of price. But the price is high for other names. We hope you enjoy our short blog post about the price of a BMW X5 25d car in Pakistan in 2024.

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FAQs BMW X5 25d

  1. What is the price of the BMW x5 25d in Pakistan?

The price of the x5 25d  is between PKR 2 Crore to 3 Crore

2. What is the mileage/fuel average of the BMW X5 25d 2024?

The fuel average of x5 25d is 13.3 kmpl.

  1. What is the top speed of the BMW x5 25d?

The top speed of the BMW x5 25d  is 225 km/h / 140 mph

  1. What is the rating of the BMW x5 25d?

The rating of the BMW x5 25d is 5/5.

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