Limousine Car Price in Pakistan 2024

Let’s go to check out the latest and new Limousine Car Price in Pakistan 2024. Limousine 2024 is an elite-class luxurious car that has amazing specifications and gains first-class features that are not available in many luxury cars. Many limousine cars have wheelbases to provide additional legroom in passenger compartments on the demand of the buyers. The front seats of the compartment are called jump seats that are moveable forward, and backward in all directions according to the requirement. Its name, Limousine” was derived from the French name in 1992. There are 6-passenger, 8-passenger, and 12-seat variants according to the demand.

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Limousine Car Price in Pakistan 2024

The price range for buying a Limousine car in 2024 in Pakistan is from PKR 3 crore to PKR 5 crore plus. This price changes according to the features included.

Limousine Car Price in Pakistan 2024 PKR 3 crore to PKR 5 crore plus.

Interior Of Limousines car 

Limounise 2024 is a high-end car that provides convenience and luxury services. Its inside is so comfortable that sets the mood of the passenger. Limousines’ interiors are wider than any other luxury cars in terms of both interior dimensions and headroom.

Its seats are so soft and organized and padded that a driver can easily drive throughout the travel. Lightening can be dim and have a function of different modes romantic candlelight lighting can be maintained with one click button in this luxury car. Modern limousine has live tv, video games, a console system, and some comfortable machines that are the extra features provided by the company on the buyer’s demand.

It is leather and wood interior makes it inside so fascinating that everyone desires to have it. Inside of the Limousine passenger feels so VIP and comfy that they love to remain in the car for several hours.

Limousine Car Price in Pakistan


One of the most essential parts of a car is its outlook. But when we talk about the limousine exterior it has one of the most beautifully organized exteriors, because of its luxurious look many people want to take in a special event or meeting because it impacts an amusing impression on others. It has a longer wheelbase than the conventional car just to provide comfortable seats for the passenger.

A beautifully painted interior marks a huge difference in its worth. Gold, white, and black paints are amazing brushes in the Limousine which provides a VIP outlook. Its darkened windows give a sense of privacy to the passenger even the driver who sitting in the car.

The limousine also has 2 tone paint job which can be designed according to the demand. The exterior lightening effect is also an additional feature in this car. Its high-quality wheels and rims make it a high-end car on the road with no other body competitor. It is massive wheels and tinted window make its outlook exceptional.

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Limousine Car Specifications in Pakistan

Specifications of the Limousin Car 2024 including engine, suspension, tires and wheels, fuel average, dimension, and mileage are as follows


engine type naturally-aspirated petrol
Cylinders Straight 6
Displacement 4235 cc (258.436 cu in)
Bore × Stroke 92.05 × 106 mm

3.62 × 4.17 in

Bore/stroke ratio 0.87
Valve gear double overhead camshaft (DOHC)

2 valves per cylinder

12 valves in total

maximum power output


175 PS (173 bhp) (129 kW)

at 4750 rpm

Specific output


40.9 bhp/liter

0.67 bhp/cu in

maximum torque


308 Nm (227 ft·lb) (31.4 kgm)

at 3000 pm

Specific torque


72.73 Nm/liter

0.88 ft·lb/cu3

compression ratio 8:1
Fuel system 2 SU carbs
Brake Mean Effective Pressure 913.9 kPa (132.6 psi)
crankshaft bearings 7
Engine coolant Water
Unitary capacity 705.83 cc
Aspiration Normal

Dimension and Weight

Wheelbase 3582 141
Track/tread (front) 1473 58
Track/tread (rear) 1473 58
Length 5741 226
Width 1969 77.5
Height 1619 63.7
Ground clearance 177 7
Curb weight 2172 kg 4788 lb
fuel tank capacity 90 liters 20 UK Gal


Maximum speed 185 km/h (115 mph)
Power-to-weight ratio 80.76 PS/tonne (1000 kg)

59.4 kW/tonne (1000 kg)

79.65 bhp/tonne (1000 kg)

0.04 bhp/lb

Weight-to-power ratio 16.84 kg/kW

28.12 lb/bhp

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Engine position front
Engine Layout longitudinal
Drive wheels rear wheel drive
Front Suspension I.W.TrLi.CS.ARB.
Rear Suspension I.W.RA.CS.
Brakes F/R Di/Di-S
Gearbox 3 speed automatic
Top gear ratio 1
Final drive ratio 3.54

Limousine Car Price in Pakistan

Limousine Car Features in Pakistan

Features of the Limousine 2024 are as follows

  • Stereo Systems
  • TV and Video Systems
  • Intercom Facility
  • Additional Multimedia Features
  • Tinted Windows
  • Climate Control Systems and Air-Conditioning
  • Upholstered Leather Seats
  • Refreshments
  • Professional Chauffeurs
  • Additional Safety Features

Limousine Car Colors in Pakistan

The available colors for Luminoise 2024 are as follows

  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • gold
  • red
  • blue
  • pink

Pros and Cons

What We Like

  • Comfortable seating because of the extra larger size as compared to others
  • Leather seats, TVs, minibars, and privacy curtains
  • Highly trained professionals give services which is not comparable with the ordinary one
  • Safety features are provided in this luxury car for example Anti-lock brakes, airbags, and electronic stability control are provided in the limousine
  • They are extremely costly

What We Don’t Like

  • Limousines are not as readily available in every place as other vehicles, especially outside of the cities.
  • Limousines are commonly inefficient when it comes to fuel use because their average fuel ratio is not good.
  • We cant use Limousine everywhere they are made for only special events.


The competitors of Limousine 2024 are as follows

  • Luxury Sedans:
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  • BMW 7 Series
  • Audi A8

These are all examples of luxury sedan cars that offer the same level of luxury, comfort, and space as offered by Limousines.

Limousine Car Price in Pakistan


It is the best high-end car if you are looking for a luxurious treatment. It gives a premium effect when you go to your special event. Its seating arrangements, vibrant colors, shaded windows, big-size wheels, tires, Led tv, wifi, and chrome facilities mark it among the most desirable cars. As its price is high it is only buyable by richer ones. So if you can afford it and looking for an extraordinary featured car you are most welcome to buy it.

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Limousine Car FAQs in Pakistan:

Does Lemlousin 2024 have shaded windows?

Yes, the limousine has shaded windows which provide privacy to the passenger.

Can any celebrity purchase a limousine?

Yes, celebrities can purchase limousines according to their requirement.

Does Limousin 2024  have a Tv or Led in it?

Yes, the Limousine has flat tv and video games with internet connections. You can watch your favorite movie while sitting in the VIP inside.

How many people can sit in the Limouse 2024?

Limousine is available in different seating capacities. For example, there are 10 sitting lemo, 8 sitting lemo, and 6 sitting lemo. People buy it on their requirements so in 10 sitting limo more than 10 passengers can also sit there.

Is a limousine comfortable for children and elders?

Yes, the limousine is comfortable as its interior includes comfy seats you can also sleep in this luxury car.

Why limousine car called Limousine?

The name, Limousine drive from the Greek word. The brand ambassador, LA first introduce it in the commercial market.

What are the colors available for this high-end car limousine 2024?

The available colors are black, gold, blue, pink, silver, and white.

Can Limousine 2024 be used everywhere?

No limousine is not designed to use in every place. It is designed to use in special events.

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